June 22, 2015
Bryan Haley takes great pride in being able to put together a highly effective sales team. No matter what industry he works in, he is able to assemble sales teams that are high performing and cooperative. While competition is necessary in order to create a successful sales team, Bryan R. Haley has embraced a model that allows his salespeople to compete with one another while also thinking of each other as a team.

Bryan R. Haley has repeatedly been promoted into sales leadership because of his ability to manage salespeople and create teams that are dynamic, innovative, and successful. He has served on numerous occasions as a Director of Sales Operations or Sales Administration. These are just titles that reinforce that Bryan R. Haley has the ability to lead a sales team that is consistently able to not only reach sales goals, but to also surpass them.

Bryan Haley has worked in numerous sales environments over the course of his career. This includes working with a number of different organizations in various fields. In each case he has excelled because of his abilities, rather than because of the details of the product or service. Bryan Haley has been active in the sales industry for more than twenty years and during that time he has accumulated experience that is useful to him today. Bryan R. Haley currently serves in the role of Sales Manager for Spirit of Change, a holistic magazine in New England.